1. To be eligible, you must have made a purchase within the last 30 days from www.luglife.ca, or any of our partners, including but not limited to QVC, Amazon, eBags.
  2. To complete the warranty process, you will need the product PO Number from the white fabric label found on the inside main compartment of your Lug product. Example: 1234-A, for Cuddle Throws use CA#56756
  3. Fill in the form below with your information and purchase details.
  4. Create a password to create a Lug account if you don't already have one. (If you already have a Lug account, you can use your current email and password)
    *A Lug account is required in order to verify your purchase
  5. Submit the form and you will receive a confirmation email.

Beaker Face Masks and Filters are not covered under the Lug warranty program

If you need help with registering an item, please email customercare@luglife.com or call 1-855-584-5433

4 digit PO # on inside white label

PO number on white label
(example: "1234-A")

4 digit PO # on Chuggie

PO number on Chuggie
(example: "SUS304")

4 digit PO # on Cuddle Throw

PO number on Cuddle Throw
(example: "CA#56756")