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4 Ways to Style Your Twist

1. The Classic Drape

Drape the Twist evenly around your neck and toss one end over the opposite shoulder for an effortless accent to your outfit. This simple technique is the perfect way to introduce some fun prints into your next girls night outfit!

2. Over The Shoulder

Fold your Twist lengthwise and drape it evenly around your neck and on your shoulders. This look can provide light coverage to the top of your arm and can easily elevate a simple dress. A perfect option to wear with your solids, whether you're headed to work or attending an afternoon wedding.

3. The European Loop

The Twist's perfect oblong shape means you have endless accent choices! To achieve the European Loop, fold the scarf in half, wrap around your neck and pull ends through the loop. This look works best when you are wearing a scoop or boat (bateau) neckline.

4. The High Neck Loop

Drape your shawl around your shoulders, allowing one side to be longer than the other. Then, loop the longer end around your neck once. Adjust the loop around your neck and balance out the ends of the Twist. This look is best with a deep or wide scoop neckline. It’s a super chic way to update a simple tee!

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Brenda McDonald
Brenda McDonald

June 03, 2020

Appreciate these mini tutorials on how to achieve a polished look. The hard part is deciding which print to buy!

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