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To our Lug community,

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, all of us will be adjusting the way we live and the way we work. The health and safety of our customers, community and our team members are the top priority and it will always be at the center of every decision we make.

The Lug team is committed to providing a safe and easy way to get you the products you love and to bring the best possible online shopping experience to you. At this time, we plan to keep shipping orders, while taking extra care to continue to protect the health of our team members. We have been meticulously following the recommendations from local officials and the World Health Organization when it comes to maintaining a healthy and safe environment for everyone who is working in our corporate facility.

Lug is more than just a bag company - we are a community that encourages and supports one another and we will keep you updated and informed on any changes or adjustments to our business in the weeks ahead. To provide you with the confidence in any purchases you make in the upcoming weeks, we will be extending our return policy to 90 days for a limited time.

As we are all practicing the act of social distancing, please remember that social distancing does not have to feel distant. Stay in touch with us through our Lug social pages and trust that our dedicated team is ready to help you in any way we can and we are always ready to welcome you 24/7 on

Thank you for being part of our Lug community and thank you for your loyalty and please stay safe,

Ami & Jason Richter


Be in the Now

November 06, 2018

Be in the Now

Make Happy Moments a Thing

Go Off The Grid

Yes, it is nearly impossible to go entirely off-the-grid these days as we live in a society that quite literally runs on technology, but it is important to take time and realize the beauty of the here and now. Be present in the current moment and unplug, unwind, reflect and take some quality time for yourself. You may only be able to do this for half a day and it may feel strange at first but it’s just a phase. Remember that the mind takes time to unwind, so be patient. Have you ever tried to go off-the-grid? Were you successful?


Practice Gratitude

Most of us associate the word gratitude with “thank you” but it can also be seen as so much more of that. Gratitude is a positive emotion; “a social emotion that signals our recognition of the things others have done for us” (Fox et al., 2015). If you want to hit the home run of happiness, start each day writing down just a few notes of gratitude. These notes of gratitude might be about your children, your significant other, the job you have or the home you live in. Do this once a month or even once a day and you will notice that this practice will open you up and allow you to enter into a state of peace and happiness.
Fox, G.R. Kaplan, J., Damasio, H., Damasio, A. (2015). Neural correlates of gratitude. Frontiers in Psychology 6(1), 1491. Doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2015.01491.

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