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Magic is in Every Moment

Make Happy Moments a Thing

We believe that there is magic in every moment! Dancing in the kitchen, singing in the car or spending a quiet night at home with the ones you love, each provide us with everlasting impressions on our hearts. Pure, undeniable moments of happiness have the ability to fill your entire body and make you smile from ear to ear. Let’s start enjoying life even MORE!

Make Happy Moments a Thing

Take the time to evaluate your everyday interactions and turn them into extraordinary experiences. This may sound like a big endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. Try waking up your kids with a silly, good morning song and experience their heartfelt smiles. Open the door for a stranger on your way to work, say “thank you”, try something new or get up an hour earlier than normal. Just a small shift in your day can be a powerful way to elevate your mood. Today is a new day, how will you turn your day into something extraordinary?

Bring A Little Spontaneity into your Day

Spontaneity; taking a risk, living life to the fullest, don’t think just do attitude. We may not think it is always possible to be spontaneous due to our many responsibilities and tasks, but it is very much a real and practical task to apply to everyday life. Step out of your everyday schedule and recognize new opportunities, change your perspective and be aware of what spontaneity make look like in your life. If you’re hesitant, start small! Plan a trip for ice-cream when your family least expects it or surprise your co-worker with a mid-afternoon treat! It’s small moments like these, that will bring joy and happiness to yourself and those around you. Give it a try, you won’t regret it! When was the last time you did something spontaneous?

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March 08, 2019

I love this! Great tips—the little changes can make a big impact on yourself and those around you. Enjoy life with the ones you love; and Live Life in Colour, be stylish, and organized with Lug! ❤️

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