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Mystic Seaglass

Pattern: Mystic Seaglass

Spring 2019

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Cynthia Jones
Cynthia Jones

May 13, 2019

I have been a fan of LUG for many years as i was an RN for 18 years and always had a ton of things to take to and from work every shift. I love the practicality of the bags, the colours, and all the different bags to fit how i feel that day. Now that i was medically retired I still have my LUG collection and am ALWAYS looking to add more! I carry my puddle jumper to Chemo when i am escorting my cousin to her treatments and bring everything we need that day. I also got my mother in law and sister in law hooked on LUG products (they are in Virginia and I am in Canada). Every time they come up to visit me, I have to take them to a store (or three) that sells LUG so they can choose something! I bought my daughter the LUG Tuk Tuk for each of her pregnancies! If you buy one LUG, you will be hooked and NEED more!! I also LOVE their customer service and how quick things get shipped from the website!

LeslieJean McGregor
LeslieJean McGregor

April 03, 2019

I have become a Lugfan over the last couple years. The products are fun light weight and help me stay organized in everyday and travel times. Love to support such an excellent product and from Canada. As a Canadian business owner I prefer to support local. Keep up the great work. I was travelling recently and a woman from the US commented on my Puddle Jumper wheelie and I was all over telling her how to get to your website.

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