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LugLive FAQ

LugLive Party
What is “Social Shopping?”
Social Shopping is a fun and engaging way to shop with Lug. Join our show hosts for LIVE shows throughout the week on a variety of different platforms: mobile app, facebook, and more to come!
How do I get started?

Pre-register by heading to this link, http://lug.life/LugLiveAccount - be sure to sign in using your Facebook account.

Download the App for iOS or Android

OR... you can simply comment on our #LugLive posts! Type “register” in the comments of the post. You will be prompted to register for an account.

How do I use the App?
Watch our Facebook #LugLive shows directly on your mobile app! You can watch, interact across the platforms, add to cart AND buy without leaving the video. You can also shop previous live shows within our weekly show time schedules.
How do I shop on Facebook?

To shop on Facebook, type a comment as follows on the post.

sold *item number* *color choice*

Capitalization does NOT matter, but spelling and spacing DOES MATTER.

“SOLD 100 BLACK” = success!!!

“sold 100 black” = success!!!

“sold 100 blak” = failure : (

“SOLD BLACK” = failure : (

Please remember to spell and space your requests properly!

If successful, you will receive a notification. Here are a few possibilities of what you may see:

Message for notification that an item is in your cart:

Message for notification that you are waitlisted for an item:

Message for notification that an item is in your cart and available for purchase:

Items will stay in your cart for approx 2 hours. Be sure to check out to ensure you receive the items you want. Tip: You can check out with every individual item, as there are no extra fees for doing so. We’ll explain more about shipping in this FAQ.

If You Comment And Do Not Receive A Message:

If you comment and do not receive a notification, try commenting again! Make sure you are commenting in the correct format, with spelling, spacing and item number correct. The system will not recognize a comment that is not typed or formatted correctly. If you are commenting correctly and still not getting messages, try disconnecting and reconnecting your messenger to Comment Sold via your account - http://lug.life/LugLiveAccount. If you are still facing issues with receiving messages, we urge you to keep your account open during a show so you can easily refresh your shopping cart.

Where can I find my cart and other account details?

You can find your waitlist, your cart, and shop more at http://lug.life/LugLiveAccount

What does Authorizing my card mean?

When you choose to authorize a card, you are giving our social selling partner, CommentSold, permission to charge your card when you place and order. If you have an item on Waitlist, you will put in a line for if/when the item becomes available. Once the item becomes available the item will be added to your cart and you will receive email/messenger confirmation.

What does “Comment Charge” in my account mean?

Think of this as a Speed Buy option! If you enable “Comment Charge”, you authorize your card to be automatically charged as soon as you comment SOLD on a Facebook post.

Do you honor Coupons and Discount Codes?

Sales and coupon codes may be run exclusively through our #LugLive shows in the future. Please note: any coupons/discount codes for the LugLife.com/.ca website, including order receipt coupons, can not be applied to #LugLive orders.

Once something is in your cart and you are ready to check out, you can enter an eligible coupon code at the bottom of your “Order Summary.”

Shipping Details: How much?

Currently, we offer our #LugLive shoppers a $4 flat shipping rate every 24 hours. *Shipping offers may differ every week, so please listen carefully to the timeline the host expresses during the live show.

Shipping Details: When do my orders ship?

All orders ship on Monday.

Shipping Details: Why do you do it this way?

To efficiently package all of you items together, we group a calendar week of orders into one day of shipping. This saves you money on shipping and provides the most effective way for us to process your orders.

Shipping Example:

You order any number of items on Tuesday the 1st, Thursday the 3rd, and Sunday the 6th. You pay $7 total shipping and all items ship together on Monday the 7th.

You order an item on Tuesday the 1st and then on Wednesday the 9th. You will pay $7 shipping for your Tuesday the 1st item, which will ship on Monday the 7th, and then pay $7 shipping on your Wednesday the 9th item, which will ship on Monday the 14th.

What if I order on a Monday?

Because we are shipping on Monday, your Monday orders will be received as part of the Tuesday order bundle. Thus, they will be shipped the following Monday.

Can I pay for expedited shipping?

We are working on a solution for those of you who NEED your Lug now! Email our team at customercare@luglife.com for special services.

Can I collect and/or use my LugLife loyalty points while purchasing during a #LugLive show?

No, our #LugLive shows are not affiliated with our LugLife.com/.ca website and LugLife loyalty points can not be collected, nor can they be used, to purchase #LugLive items.

I already have a LugLife.com/ca account! Do I have to create a new account to shop the #LugLive shows?

Yes, you will need to link your Facebook or Instagram account to social shop with #LugLive. This style of shopping is not directly integrated with our LugLife.com or LugLife.ca websites. Click here to register: http://lug.life/LugLiveAccount

Can I return or exchange an item?

All #LugLive items can be returned/exchanged unless otherwise stated by the Lug team and/or show hosts. Some items in our shows may be subject to a “Final Sale” policy, which means they can not be returned or exchanged.

Why did my #LugLive order/item get cancelled?

If you are checking out through our #LugLive platform -http://lug.life/LugLiveAccount - there may be a system delay that can result in an item becoming sold out before you complete your transaction. That’s why you should check out often! Even if your account shows that you purchased the item, the item may need to be cancelled and you will be refunded the purchase.

Still need additional help?

Email our team at customercare@luglife.com for additional help.